Double Ended Pens

The Edison Pen Company can offer double ended pens.  Each pen will have two nibs, and will also have two separate ink reserviors.  This means that each pen can have two ink colors, and two completely different nibs and nib tips.

These pens will fill as an Eyedropper only.

Most of our pen models can be adapted to a double-ended configuration, but the Pearl is most common.  Please contact us with any custom ideas.

You can watch the slideshow above, or click here to see the entire set of Double Ended Pen photos on SmugMug. If you see a pen above that you like, click on it to see a description.

To see more information regarding our Double Ended Pens, please see our blog posts Here and Here.



Weight w/ CapVaries
Weight w/o CapVaries
Cap DiameterVaries
Body DiamaterVaries
Length CappedVaries
Length UncappedVaries


Double Ended Pen with Two Steel Nibs$350
Double Ended Pen with One Steel Nib and One 18k Nib$450
Double Ended Pen with Two 18k Nibs$550

To order this pen, email me your request.  We will need to know….


Steel or Gold Nib

Nib Tip Size 

Nib customizations