Hi Pen Fans!

I’m very excited to announce that my good friend, Pendleton Brown is now carrying the Production Line!

I’ve known Pendleton from the pen shows for at least 12-13 years, and he became a very good friend early on. He has primarily been a nib technician, offering some of the most amazing work that I’ve ever written with. I was very happy when my good friend contacted me with interest in carrying Edison!

You can see Pendleton’s Edison offerings here.

When looking through Pendleton’s offerings, you’ll notice that his pricing is a little higher than our other retailers. Please keep in mind that the price does include his amazing BLS (Butter Line Stub) nib. I’ll attach a writing sample below. I’ve written with this nib more than a few times at the pen shows, and it’s simply sublime!

In addition to the BLS nib, of course, Pendleton offers plenty of other specialty nibs such as added flex, customizing smoothness/crispness, dryer/wetter, oblique grinds, etc.

So when you are looking at our retailers that offer the Production Line, Pendleton is one that can offer you a Production Line pen that also includes a customized nib.

You can learn more about Pendleton here, but trust me when I say that it’s not easy to find a nicer fellow!

I wanted to include a photo that goes way back. This photo is from the Chicago Pen show many years ago. For perspective…in this photo, Pendleton is with my son, Andrew. Andrew is now 17 and we are currently shopping for colleges!

Alas….the time, she flies!

Please head over to Pendleton’s Pens to look around and please reach out with any questions!

Brian at Edison