Tuxedo Series

I am very proud to announce a collaboration between the Edison Pen Company and Boone Titanium Rings.

Bruce Boone is an independant artisan who specializes in titanium rings.  Be sure to visit his website, as his line of rings go well beyond what you see here.

Bruce and I have decided to collaborate to create a limited edition of 20 ring and pen sets.

The pen is a Herald made of black ebonite, and the ring is made from titanium with a matching black ebnonite inlay.

The nib on the pen is 18k gold plated in rhodium.  The nib is available in a fine, medium, broad, or can certainly be customized.

The pen can be either a cartridge/converter or eyedropper filler.

Both the pen and ring are engraved.

Upon placing an order, please email me with your nib preference, filling system preference, and ring size.