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Urushi Herald Project


Updated 12/5/2010  – The Project has been announced.  We are taking orders.

The Edison Pen Company is proud to announce it’s second collaborative project with Ernest Shin, of Hakumin Urushi Kobo.

Twenty Limited Edition Heralds are currently in production.

The technique to be used with this edition is similar in ways to the technique used on the Urushi Pearl project with several key differences in how the mottling is applied and in the pigmentation of the lacquer. Even with the differences, the technique can be considered a Kara-nuri technique. The lacquer used to produce the textured under layer as well as the over-layers this time were pigmented with a carefully chosen mixture of traditional and modern pigments to produce a teal blue color that would not darken excessively while curing and would maintain the hardness and durability that urushi is known for. The under layers, this time produced by using rehydrated albumen powder, was applied in a distinct pattern, covered with 23.5k gold powder and then covered over with several layers of pigmented lacquer.

The pen will be a clipless Herald made from ebonite, with an 18k gold nib.  The nib can be F, M, or B.  I can also customize the nib to any specification.  The filling system will be a cartridge/converter and/or eyedropper in the same pen.

Below are photos showing examples of the Urushi technique by Hakumin Urushi that will be used on the Heralds….


So the Heralds will have a finish identical to what you see above.

Below is a photo of the clipless Herald pen that this technique will be applied to….

Price of the pen is $925.  In order to reserve a pen, we will require $250 in earnest money.  Since the project requires 4 months, customers can pay an additional amount per month, or pay the balance upon completion.

The limited edition is going to be twenty pens.  

ALL TWENTY PENS ARE AVAILABLE.  If you are interested, email me to place an order.  The first run of 10 pens will be available for shipping around April.  The second run of 10 pens will be a month behind the first run, so it will be available around May.  This Limited Edition will not be expanded beyond 20.

If you would like to bookmark this page, progress photos and videos are below, and the entire process will be documented and updated on a regular basis.  If you would like to see an example of how the process will be documented, visit the Urushi Pearl Project Page.


Brian at Edison and Ernest at Hakumin Urushi