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Edison Nouveau Encore Price Reduction…

Posted by on Jul 28 2012, in Production Line

Hi Pen Fans.

Just a quick blog post to make everyone aware of a price reduction on the Edison Nouveau Encore.

The price was $185.  Is it now $165.

Essentially, I was able to find a way to streamline the medallion manufacturing process.  The first batch was very labor intensive regarding casting and plating.  Since then, I’ve found ways to cut my cost and time without sacrificing the product. 

The Goulets and I discussed this, and came to the conclusion that a lower price is in order.  We also discussed what to do regarding customers who purchased the pen at the originial price.

We have decided to provide an Edison/Goulet refund for the difference to everyone who purchased the Encore at the original price.  So if you are an Encore owner, you should have already received Goulet Pen Company store credit via email.

Brian Goulet outlines the same topic in this blog post over at Ink Nouveau.

As a side note – the new Production Line Pen will be set to go this coming week!  Stay tuned!


Brian at Edison


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