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A Couple of Glitches, but Overall, the Hangout was a Blast!

Hi Pen Fans.

The Google+ Hangout last night was a lot of fun.

After an initial glitch (I was somehow not even in my own hangout room!!!), we got into our topics, and had a blast.  We had some great pen-related topics, and then got real informal.... somehow we got onto the direction that the water in our toilets swirls, vs our friend Rocky, who was joining us from Australia!

Now I do record these hangouts, so people who can't participate can later watch what was discussed.

But - glitch #2 arose!  My audio recording was only my personal microphone, and not the entire group!

Oh well!  This was my first time hosting one of these, so I suppose I'll chalk it all up to a beta test.

I now know what went wrong with both glitches, so after the LA Pen Show, I'd like to plan another one, and we'll have everything cleaned up!


Brian at Edison

Tom's Gravatar Had a lot of fun being a part of the conversation last night. Sorry I had to leave early. My wife had to feed the baby and we also had company over. We will consider hosting one ourselves sometime in the future, maybe to present new product or do a demo. The big downside I don't like about the hangout is the limitation of 10 people in the hangout. At least the other people should be allowed to spectate or join the text chat.
# Posted By Tom | 2/10/12 9:49 AM
Brian Gray's Gravatar Having spectators, or people watching the chat can happen, but it's only a beta version right now, and only certain Google+ users have the ability right now. I'm not one of them. :(

In the future, I'll have them recorded and put up on YouTube.

# Posted By Brian Gray | 2/10/12 9:54 AM
Leigh Jepson's Gravatar Hopefully i'll be able to join in next time. I'm a relative newcomer to fountain pens (at least in adulthood - used a Parker Vector all the time at school here in the UK), and have got to admit that i'm hooked.

Only have a Parker Frontier at the moment (starting small), but definitely going to expand in the future!
# Posted By Leigh Jepson | 2/11/12 7:33 AM
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