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Another European Retailer for the Production Line!

Posted by on Oct 07 2013, in Production Line

Hi Pen Fans!

I’ve very please to announce that La Couronne du Comte from the Netherlands, is now carrying the Edison Production Line!

I’ve known the general manager, Dennis van der Graaf, for a bit now and I’ve also enjoyed following their social media campaigns.

A lot of the reasons for adding La Couronne du Comte to our retailers comes from my European customers telling me how wonderful of a business they run.  So between my relationship with Dennis and the word of my customers, I’m sure that the Edison Production Line will be in good hands over in the Netherlands!

You can see the Edison Line on their webstore by clicking here. 


Brian at Edison


  • Nigel

    What a great move! At last Edison pens are available here in The Netherlands. It has been a long wait. Dennis van de Graaf runs a superb business and is most defninitely the right person to represent you here. Discalimer: I am in no way related to La Couronne du Comte (I purchase 98% of my pens and accessories there).

  • Thanks Nigel!

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