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Revamping our Ebonite Palette…

Posted by on Jan 24 2015, in New Materials

Hi Pen Fans!

Over the years, we have had a lot of ebonite offerings from a lot of different manufacturers.

As a result, when one looked through our Materials Samples Gallery, our ebonite selection was sometimes daunting and confusing.

We have decided to simplify ebonite choices by condensing our selection to the best ebonites that we’ve used from the best manufacturers.  All of these ebonites have very consistent patterns and they also take an excellent shine.  This is an “All-Star” lineup of sorts.  We’ve also made sure to have a good selection that represents all colors that our clients might like.

In the end, we think that this will make selection for our clients easier, and it will also be easier for us to inventory.  Previously when we had a wide selection, sometimes we would have to wait months for a certain color or pattern to arrive.  By keeping this narrowed down, we can be sure to always have our inventory plentiful.

So without further ado, here are the ebonites that we will be offering from here on out….


















All of these materials are now in the Materials Samples Gallery.

If anyone has questions, just reach out!

Brian at Edison


  • Tom

    Denim Blue is my favs. I hear super mario in my head when I see that color… Denim denim denim…

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