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Wanna Work for the Edison Pen Company? We’re Hiring!

Interested in working for the Edison Pen Company?  We’re looking for another full or part-time employee!  (preferred full time)

I was putting some thought into the best way to find our next employee.  What we do is very specific and niche.  There aren’t a lot of people with “Fountain Pen Manufacturer” on their resume, so I’m not sure that Craigslist is the best option!  I recently considered that our best resource for finding good employees might be our fan base!  So I thought that I’d post this on our blog as well as the various pen forums to see what kind of responses we might get.

We just recently hired a great addition to our team, but our current backlog is still being stretched farther than what we like and we are seeing greater demand from our retailers.  This makes room for another motivated employee.

Our location is North Central Ohio, not far from Sandusky.

While having specific skills would certainly give a candidate a leg-up, we will consider anyone with a passion for what we do.  Most of the skills that are needed for pen manufacture are very specific and need to be carefully taught regardless of someone’s background.  So being highly motivated, having a positive attitude, being willing to learn, and having a passion for pens are certainly the most important items that we could ask for.

That being said, skills that we would like to see in a candidate will be….

*  CNC lathe and mill operating/programming skills
*  CAD/CAM skills as related to lathes and mills
*  Manual lathe and mill operation
*  Overall fountain pen repair and maintenance skills.  Nib tuning, overall understanding of quality control as related to fountain pens.
*  General computer literacy, Mac and Windows (Word/Pages, Excel/Numbers, etc.)
*  Overall flexibility.  The job description for this position will change and evolve over the short and long term.  Everyone in our shop is a “Jack of all Trades”, and we’d expect to hire the same.

You can get a rough idea as to what we do by watching these videos…

Salary will be negotiable and proportionate to what the candidate can offer as related to the above skills.

Email if you are interested.


Brian at Edison

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