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A Website Facelift!

Hi Pen Fans!

If you are viewing this blog post on our website, then you’ll be seeing our new look!

If you are not on our site currently, feel free to head on over to and  have a look!

I am very happy with the new appearance, but there’s still some minor formatting issues to take care of, which we’ll be working on over the next few days.  If you see any issues with the website, feel free to let us know, but we should be ironing out all of these small details in the next few days.

As a side note, the 2014 LE Glenmonts are coming together nicely!  I apologize for not having a more recent update, but during the time that we transitioned over to this new appearance, I couldn’t post anything or risk losing the content.  So expect to see a 2014 LE Glenmont update early this week!

Let me know what you think of the new look and have a great day!

Brian at Edison

8 replies on “A Website Facelift!”

So far loving the mobile site! Definitely a little jumpy, but it looks good! The biggest issue is something I’ve had issues with even previously, that the slide shows don’t show up on mobile.

I do most of my computing on my phone due to disability and it’s not a game-changer as I would get to the information another way if I needed to make an order, but it would be nice to be able to browse more easily. So far it’s just the slideshows that don’t show up.

Looking good and good luck!

The slide shows also don’t work for me. Android 4.4.2 using the Chrome 37.0.2062.117 Nice look on the mobile site.

Maybe it’s a personal preference but I would like to see a more minimal design. For example the removal of the column on the right, like pics and categories and such.

Hi Brian,

the website looks much modern now. But I have two little things:
1. the old RSS-Feed doesn’t work anymore?
2. can you please ad the measurements of your pens in the metric system for costumers outside the US? Wich of your pens do fit the international long cartridge? (The premiere doesn´t fit)


Hi Christoph.
Yes, you might need to resubscribe your RSS.
I will be adding metric measurements to the website, thanks!
With long international cartridges, I’m not sure which will work and which will not. With most pens, I’m sure that we can customize the bore to accept one.


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