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Periscope Users? We’ll Be Broadcasting!

Hi Pen Fans!

Some of you might remember way back in the day I when used to broadcast penmaking live via Ustream.  You could watch me make your pen!  Back then it was quite a production!  I had a firewire connected camcorder going into a clunky desktop, and it was a pretty cumbersome operation.  I essentially had an entire cart with an old desktop, a huge CRT monitor, and a custom-rigged tripod rolling around my facility to film me making pens!  It took a lot of effort to keep it running.

Back then, it just became too much of a production to keep up, and I let it go over time.  But I’ve heard over and over that people would love for me to find a way to start broadcasting again.

Well, I recently discovered Periscope.  If you aren’t aware, it’s a pretty hot new video platform for social media.  I won’t go into all of the details of Periscope here, but be sure to watch the video at the site to learn more about it and download the app for your mobile device if you like it.

Bottom line, this looks to be a great way for me to get back into broadcasting what happens here at our facility.  Lathe work, milling, sanding, polishing, nib tuning, nib grinding….you name it.  Whatever happens here at our facility, I’ll be broadcasting it.  And of course, the conversation doesn’t have to focus on whatever I’ll be doing during that specific session.  I might broadcast with no agenda at all, so feel free to show up with any questions.

So if you like the looks of Periscope, be sure jump on and follow us.

Our handle is Edisonpenco.

I’ll be doing my first broadcast today!


Brian at Edison

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