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Updates to Edison Nib Adjusting and Tuning

Hi Pen Fans!

Just a quick blog post to make everyone aware of some recent happenings with regard to tuning, adjustment, and customization of nibs on Edison Pens.

In the past, I have personally tuned every nib that leaves the Edison facility. Very few pen companies bother with this step, but we find this to be an absolutely vital ingredient to our success. I have often said that a great pen with a bad nib is like a Ferrari with a flat tire, and I think that most agree that this is an accurate and interesting analogy!

Many of our customers have commented on how this extra step that we’ve taken from Edison’s first day in business makes a huge difference in how their pens perform, and we wholly agree.

So what is changing? Not much. I will still tune, adjust, and perfect every nib that leaves our facility, but with even more accuracy and better results as I recently finished extensive training with master nib worker Richard BinderI didn’t simply attend an hour-long seminar. Instead, Richard was kind enough to host a multiple-day visit for personalized instruction. I will also be planning future visits to continue my education with Richard.

While I already had a good foundation in nib work (over the years, we never received any complaints), Richard was able to take my skills to the next level when it comes to “Binderizing” a nib (an extensive general tuning), along with perfecting my italic grinds, oblique grinds, architect grinds, as well as EF to EEEEF grinds.

I think that most customers already realize this, but I will iterate what our nib tuning procedures have been and will continue to be….

With Production Line pens, we perform a “dry” tuning at no charge. This involves…

  1. Tine alignment
  2. Proper adjustment of tip gap and tine gap
  3. General Smoothing
  4. Feed alignment
  5. Overall inspection

With Signature Line Pens, we perform a “wet” tuning at no charge. This involves…

  1. Tine Alignment
  2. Proper adjustment of tip gap and tine gap
  3. General smoothing
  4. Feed Alignment
  5. Overall inspection
  6. Test with Waterman ink on Rhodia or Clairefontaine paper.
  7. Any specific tuning that the customer prefers. Wetness, feedback, high/low angles, etc. So you can request the nib to be tuned to your exact preferences.
  8. Custom grinds such Italic (stub, cursive, or crisp), Oblique, Architect, and EF to EEEEF grinds

So our entire procedure will not change, but the skills used to make each of your nibs to write exactly how you wish have been nicely enhanced!


Brian at Edison


9 replies on “Updates to Edison Nib Adjusting and Tuning”

On a personal level, this must be very pleasing, as there are few things more satisfying than expanding your expertise and artistry in an endeavor you care about. Beyond that, it is also a great thing that this body of knowledge is finding new homes in people like yourself who will carry it forward into future generations.

Congratulations on a personal achievement that will produce benefits for everyone else!


That’s awesome that Mr. Binder is passing on the knowledge to you so you can add more value to your already nice pens. Mr. Binder is a really nice person. I had the opportunity to meet him a few years ago at the Atlanta Pen Show and he saved me $40 by asking me to get my B nib swapped from the manufacturer (also present at the show to release their new Homo Sapiens) rather than have it ground to a M, which I prefer.

Thanks Steve! And yes, Richard is a great guy. He’s been a great friend for years, but only with his recent semi-retirement has he had time to help me out with something like this!

Brian: I previously did not know that you personally tuned and adjusted every pen before it left the company. Now I understand; no WONDER the Pearlette I bought writes like silk on a baby’s bottom! (I couldn’t think of anything smoother to reference.) I bought my Violet Flake Pearlette about a year ago and it is one of my top favorites out of all my pens. I got the 1.1 mm stub and it just sings across the paper.

I’m currently planning another purchase. I also had no idea of the wide range of colors and designs available. You do some beautiful work! I can’t wait to get my next Edison. Of course, half the fun is in planning which one to get! Keep up the excellent work.

Hi Debi. Thanks for all the kind words! I’m glad that you are happy with our products. If you’d like to speak about another pen in the future, I’ll be here! 🙂

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