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We’re on the Move!

Hi Pen Fans!

As many of you know, we are going to be moving our business to a much larger space (almost 4-fold larger! We are so excited!).

This move will begin this afternoon, and will continue through all of next week. So if everything goes as planned, we will be back in action on Feb 6th.

For those of you wondering how this will effect our order queue, fear not! We knew this move was coming, so back in December we purposely worked in an extra week of orders to get ahead. This means that all orders that occurred before the move were shipped a week early, and all orders after the move will still be delivered on the promised date. If this does not occur for some unforeseen reason, I’ll reach out individually to the customers effected.

So the main reason for this post – we will most likely be completely incommunicado until we are up an running again on Feb 6th.┬áDuring this move, I can’t promise that I can return emails in any kind of timely manner (if at all), and we won’t be answering the phones so we can focus entirely on the move.

This is not going to be a small undertaking…our machines are very large and very heavy. Getting them safely moved, wired, and re-calibrated at the new location has me a little stressed out! And this is only the large machines! We have plenty of smaller machines, inventory, materials….basically everything to safely relocate!

I think that we’ll be fine, but wish us luck!

I’ll give updates when we are safely settled in.

Brian at Edison


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You should post a photo here and there so we can appreciate the enormity of your move. Glad you have this bigger space for your wonderful business but sorry I’ll miss you in LA.

Best of luck with the move. It can only mean good things, right?

I still get comments (all positive) on my Urushi Herald and it’s still gorgeous.

Hi! Between the fact that I wanted to write with questions concerning the Signature line, and that I am participating in this year’s InCoWriMo, I would love to send you an actual letter written with one of your usual pens (even if you might prefer to reply by email). Now, since you moved, where should I address the letter to? Thank you!

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