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New Materials and Lots of Updates Coming Soon….

Hi Pen Fans!

Many of you know that we recently invested in all new machinery, replacing what we’ve been using for the last 10 years or so. With this machinery arriving, my time has been dominated with tons of setup and tooling, but mostly programming. Every program for every part for every pen has to be re-written, de-bugged, and proofed. This has truly been a second full time job for the last 2-3 months. We have been doing 50-60 hour weeks, but it’s actually been fun and rewarding since all of these changes are awfully exciting for us!

As a result of being this busy, we’ve admittedly been kind of dark on social media. However, I’m starting to see light at the end of the tunnel and things are coming together. So it’s time to get some announcements out there!

1. We have a LOT of new translucent materials that we’ve never used before. Some of these are just downright stunning. I’m so excited to have them available, especially in the Draw Fillers. Watching the ink slosh around in these pens is just super-cool. If you like translucent materials like I do, you’ll see lots to peruse here. This link shows some of our newest translucent materials, but I’ll be sending an update to showcase all of them soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can see photos below of a few of our new favorites.

2. With this new machinery, I feel that it’s time to raise the curtain again and give an updated “Behind the Scenes” video. We’ve done these in the past, and our fans always love seeing these kinds of videos displaying our processes and equipment. This new video should be very enlightening as we moved to a new and much larger location last year, and this year the new machinery is truly a huge deal for us. So a lot has changed since our previous videos of this type. Expect to see a video tour of our facility and processes in the next few months, as well as some kind of “making-of” video, likely showing how we make our Draw Fillers.

3. This new machinery has already opened up some opportunities within our Production Line, so expect to see an announcement regarding something new in these regards within the next month or so.

4. What’s up for 2019? Well the possibilities for us are a lot wider now, so expect to see more changes, more announcements, and more good stuff as we get settled in!

Below are a few examples of some of our favorites from these new translucent materials.

Stay tuned!

Brian at Edison

Menlo Draw Filler in Light Blue Clear Translucent Swirl


Menlo Draw Filler in Black Clear Translucent Swirl

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I am very interestef in the “Menlo Draw Filler in Light Blue Clear Translucent Swirl” Fountain Pen.
Can you give me Details about this Pen. How much is it, with wirch fearures mybe about the Nib and so on.

Very Thanks and Regards,

Is this system a piston/pressure filler in the traditional sense or like the TWSBI GO (which I haven’t used) ? The blue is a stoner and the black would be great for a clear ink – (non- black)

Will these translucent (more like transparent) materials permanently stain, like all other translucent/transparent pens I’ve ever encounter?

This really depends upon your ink. There are some inks out there that will literally stain porcelain, so I don’t know how acrylic could be expected to not do the same. That being said, safer inks will wash out as we polish the interior as much as we do the exterior. We can recommend inks. And if you ever do get a stain we have strategies that we can share to remove them. Thanks!

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