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Covid 19 Edison Update

Hi Pen Fans!

Well, it’s been an interesting few months here! If you remember my original post when the Ohio Stay at Home order came into effect, running this business has mostly been just my wife and I for a good while now. Our employees were helping remotely where they could, and they had occasional staggered hours. We were able to keep up pretty well actually, but it did mean longer hours.

As of about two weeks ago, manufacturers in Ohio have been cleared to bring employees back with certain caveats. We waited a little after this announcement, but have brought back our crew to normal hours and we are taking all precautions.

We are fortunate in that the building that we occupy has lots of space that we don’t normally use. So we have our workstations spread across our entire building, and each employee is in a totally separate room with a closed door between them and anyone else. When an employee leaves their work station, masks are on.

Additionally, anytime that a parts rack is being passed from one station to another, all parts get a spray with denatured alcohol. All incoming mail and packages are getting sprayed before handling, as well. Side note – in case you are wondering about sanitizing an Edison Pen, denatured alcohol is perfectly safe for the acrylics that we use. I wouldn’t spray the nib, or get the alcohol somehow incorporated into the ink, but it’s totally safe on our acrylics.

So we are mostly back to business as usual! We have procedures in place that will ensure our safety, but I wanted to give everyone this update.

Everyone please use all precautions and stay healthy!

Brian at Edison

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