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Covid Delays! So We Are Allowing YOU to Choose the Next Production Line Collier!

Hi Pen Fans!

Unfortunately, we are experiencing Covid-related delays from one of our materials suppliers. At this point, we are completely out of the Rock Candy that we use for the Production Line Collier!

Our supplier will get Rock Candy to us as soon as they can, but they are working with a very small staff due to virus-related restrictions. So our order is significantly delayed, with no definite date of arrival.

Here’s our plan….

We need to temporarily stop manufacturing the Collier in Rock Candy. We will offer a replacement until our shipment of Rock Candy arrives.

And YOU can choose what it will be!

We have a poll set up so that all of our customers can choose between four excellent materials that will be the new Production Line Collier.

This new material will be temporary. We will continue to manufacture the Collier out of this new material until our shipment of Rock Candy arrives. At that time we will will stop manufacturing the new material and resume the Rock Candy.

So here are the four materials that we are allowing our customers to choose from!

A = Pearlized Juniper
B = Dreamy
C = Polar Crunch
D = Lapis Lazuli Flake

You can see additional photos of each material by clicking these links…
Pearlized Juniper
Polar Crunch
Lapis Lazuli Flake

Click Here To Vote for the Next Collier Material

The poll will remain open until Sunday evening. Then on Monday morning, we’ll begin manufacturing the new Collier! I will estimate that it will take about 2+ weeks for us to get proper inventory built and then get the pens into the hands or our retailers.

Please reach out with any questions.

Brian at Edison

21 replies on “Covid Delays! So We Are Allowing YOU to Choose the Next Production Line Collier!”

A. is awesome. On a side note, a pen with some Orange, black, and maybe green or purple swirl would be awesome to come out around, I don’t know… Oct. 31.

Love The Dreamy. Nice colour and patternMy second choice would be Polar Crunch. Collier is my favourite Edison model and it’s great that you have reliable seller like The Writing Desk in Europe.

Hi David. The Pearlette is being phased out of the Production Line, and the Menlo is taking it’s place. But we can still offer the Pearlette custom, through our Signature Line. Thanks!

Hi Anne. As of now, it would be best to wait until the poll is concluded. The reason is that if the Polar Crunch wins, then it will be available through our retailers at a Production Line price. Otherwise, we’d need to charge our custom rates for the same pen ordered today.

I have a warped mind! I have a Benu Scepter VII on back order (one of these day it will appear). B, it is less busy and I just appreciate the larger blobs. Will I see B in red, white and blue blobs? No? Why not?

I like pen A, not too feminine or masculine. It’s a great modern, popular pen coloring.

B,C,D seem to be ones everyone HAD.

All of the prototypes are in our current inventory and can be sold. However, we can’t offer the Production Line price, since we’d be selling them direct as part of our Signature Line. If you are interested, you can email

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