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Transition of Two Tone Nibs to All Gold

Hi Pen Fans!

Many of you may already be aware, but our nib manufacturer (JoWo), has made a change in that Two Tone nibs will be transitioning to All Gold nibs. For clarification, I’ll show photos of both….

#6 Two Tone Steel, being transitioned OUT.

#6 Two Tone 18k, being transitioned OUT.

#6 All Gold Steel, being transitioned IN.

#6 All Gold 18k, being transitioned IN.

Obviously, all of these nibs are Gold Tone and will match clips and trim in gold, as well as materials that compliment gold. But Two Tone nibs have a strip of either polished steel or rhodium across the top of the wings. That is the only difference. It is only cosmetic and has no bearing on the performance of a nib.

So JoWo has been offering Two Tone nibs in all tip sizes until they run out, and they have already run out in some tip sizes. Then these nibs will be replaced with All Gold. This is effecting all pen manufacturers that use JoWo nibs.

At this point in time….

In #6 Steel, we have EF, B, 1.1mm, and 1.5mm left in Two Tone. F and M are now All Gold.
All of our #5 Steel nibs are Two Tone as we use less of these. So at this point in time, #5 Steel nibs are not yet affected.
None of our 18k nibs are affected yet.

Bottom line, with our Production Line and Signature Line Pens that use #6 nibs, some of our tip sizes will be arriving with All Gold nibs rather than Two Tone. Then eventually as tip sizes run out in Two Tone, every gold tone nib will become All Gold.

With Signature Line orders, I will always be in touch with customers as they place their orders to make them aware of which version they will receive.

If anyone is going to be missing Two Tone nibs, don’t forget that we can sell individual nibs, of course. Anyone is welcome to buy individual Two Tone nibs while they last.

There is no effect upon Polished Steel or Rhodium 18k nibs, which are all Silver Tone and will remain this way.

If anyone has questions, please reach out.

Brian at Edison

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