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Italic and Architect Nibs from Mark Bacas!

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m proud to announce that we are now carrying custom ground nibs by Mark Bacas from!

We’ve known Mark for a good while from the pen shows (prior to covid!) and we’ve always been very impressed with his work. I think that most of the pen community is familiar with Mark’s skills, so there’s certainly little need to expand upon his talents! We’re very happy that Mark has agreed to give us some help.

Up until now, I’ve always personally handled all of our custom nib grinds with the exception of when we brought in Gena Salorino with Custom Nib Studio about a year ago for XXF and finer grinds.

As our business grows, I find that my time for custom ground nibs diminishes more and more. It seems that I’m being spread in too many directions. Nib grinds are something that I’m happy to seek help with to free myself for other tasks while also supporting our fellow nib technicians.

So Mark will be helping us with the following nib grinds…

  1. Crisp Italics (adds $40)
  2. Cursive Italics (adds $40)
  3. Stub Italics (adds $40)
  4. Hybrid Architect (adds $50)

Gena will continue to help us with XXF and finer grinds.

So we have plenty of inventory of Mark’s work ready to be installed on any custom pen. All custom-ground italic and architect nibs from Edison will be coming from Mark’s hand from here on out.

If anyone has questions, please reach out!

Brian at Edison

6 replies on “Italic and Architect Nibs from Mark Bacas!”

Could you publish examples of both printing and cursive writing with these nibs–hard to know when the ones from Franklin-Christoph are the only ones I am familiar with–also F-C has cursive italics in fine, medium, broad–does Mark? Not familiar at all with crisp italics. Help!

Hi Geoffrey. Sorry, but we don’t have any writing samples. But the actual writing line width will be identical to any other italic of the same type. A Fine will be around .5mm wide, Medium .7mm wide, and Broad .9mm wide.

Hi Brian,
Do you offer Mark’s custom nib grinds in your new (with Edison stamping) #8 nib for the Collier Grande? Thanks!

At this point in time, we don’t. It would be best to handle a grind like this aftermarket with Mark. Or if you are placing a custom order, our current backlog on custom pens is likely longer than Mark’s backlog for custom grinds. So we can send a nib to Mark and he will likely have it finished before your pen is finished. Thanks!

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