New Materials

New Materials for the Herald…

Hi Pen Fans!

I have the Herald completed in some new materials – both ebonites and acrylics.

Brown Ripple Ebonite….


Cracked Ice Acrylic…


Parker Orange Acrylic…


Mandarin Yellow Acrylic…


Aqua Ebonite…


All of these can be seen on the Herald Main Page.


Brian at Edison

New Materials

New Acrylics…

Hi Pen Fans.

What follows are pictures of some new acrylic material that I was recently able to acquire. 

First is a nice array of flecked colors, and then a PERFECT copy of Parker Orange.

Here is the array of flecked acrylics…


From left to right – Red, Black, Green, and Slate.


From left to right – Yellow, Blue, White, Black/White, and Peach.


Below is a great acrylic material.  This is a PERFECT copy of Parker orange.

My supplier of this material literally sent the manufacturer a classic Parker and told him to copy it.

It took the manufacturer two tries, but they got it right.

The pen shown above is a clipless Glenmont.

All of the new materials above are available for any pen design.

Thanks for reading!

Brian at Edison