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Chicago, Piston Filler, and (whew….vacation….)

Posted by on Apr 24 2009, in Pen Shows

Hi Pen Fans.

Next week, I will be attending the Chicago Pen Show.

I’ll have my full inventory there, along with at least a prototype, if not a complete version for the new piston fIller.

Speaking of, the piston filler is scheduled to be in full production after May 11th. 

And lastly, I’m taking a much needed vacation the week of May 4th.

More updates to come.  If I’m not great with emails this coming week, you’ll know why.

Brian at Edison


  • R.ticle One

    Wahoo, a piston filler! You know you’ve just fulfilled the wishes of a great many fountain pen fans who’ve viewed, lusted after, acquired, praised, and will likely repeat the process with you again, right?

    Nice one!

  • Bruce


    I hope to be at the Chicago Pen Show for at least one day. If I am I’ll look you up!

  • CMenice

    Good luck in Chicago and enjoy your vacation.

  • PaulK

    Brian, it would be such a wonderful treat for all us "non-attendees" if you could post picts of the piston filler either on the day of or just before your departure. It is rather cruel having us unfortunates having to wait until your return to see it! 😉

  • Brian at Edison

    I appreciate the sentiment, Paul.

    Honestly, my prototype is done, but I don’t want to post pictures, as the dimensions are not anything near the finished product. The barrel is right on, but the cap is too wide. Literally, I’m hoping to complete two working versions today, and then I’m heading to Chicago early tomorrow. So literally, there’s nothing to show yet!

    Trust me, if I could give a teaser, I would…it would generate more buzz….

    Stay tuned!

  • Matt

    But what will I do during the day????

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