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In Praise of Steel Nibs

Posted by on Feb 19 2010, in Articles

Hi Pen Fans!

My most recent article can be found here.

I have tackled a topic that I feel needs to be covered in order for fountain pen consumers to make an educated decision with their purchases.

Click here to read this article.


Brian at Edison


  • Glenn Abramczyk

    I guess that makes all those people who bought Gold nibs from you look pretty foolish.

  • Brian Gray

    I hope not. My intent was not to put down gold nibs, but to show the differences. Steel is sometimes overlooked as a nib material, and just wanted people to consider it, if cost is an issue. Gold is a better nib material, but is the cost worth it? Each customer can decide.

  • I have a gold nib from Brian, and I don’t feel foolish. I had my reasons for requesting the gold over steel. I’m very happy with it and my wonderful Huron pen. My next Edison pen will have a steel nib because Brian makes a great case for trying one.

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