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Introducing The Morgan…

 Hi Pen Fans!

I’m proud to introduce my newest model, The Morgan.


(if you cannot see the slide show above, click here)

I’d like to discuss a little about its design.

I have a lot of clients who love the Pearl, but prefer a pen that is longer, and posts more secure.  This has been made evident by the number of custom Pearls that I’ve made to be extended in length.

This pen is one of my longer offerings, at 6" capped.  The extra length allows me to create a very elegant profile that allows for secure posting.

This pen is offered standard as a cartridge/converter, but can be made into a bulb filler, and also a rollerball.

Obviously, the pen is available in the materials shown on the Morgan Main Page, but any custom material that you and I can dream up is available.

Please go here for more details.


Brian at Edison

2 replies on “Introducing The Morgan…”

Love the new Morgan design. Especially in that Turquoise color. Posting is one of the things that I look for as a utility feature in a good fountain pen. Great job!

ooo i love the new Morgan design too! that should be my target pen once i’ve saved up enough for one. sorry mont blanc, you’re bumped down a place!

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