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Current Inventory Updated, and Some Great New Acrylics….

Posted by on May 22 2012, in Current Inventory

Hi Pen Fans!

Highlights from the video:

1.  The Current Inventory Gallery has been updated.  There’s over 250 pens there to look through.

2.  We have some fantastic new acrylics.  I’ve highlighted some of my favorites in the video.


Brian at Edison


  • Ron

    Wow! All three of those flecked materials are really nice. Thanks for highlighting these.

  • Agreed! I don’t normally go out of my way to blog about new materials, but those are already favorites of mine!

  • M Y R O NE

    I mean this in the nicest way and no ill intent meant . You’re too serious and seem too stressed like you don’t want to do this video , but you have to. , you probably sell more pens , if you ‘d smile. A smile says a little and but goes a a long way in retail, by not smiling you alienate your potiential buyers and it seems like a used car commercial.Just my first impressions and I like others, probably feel the same. As they say first impressions count. Your site is a representation of entering you store and greeted with a smile.

  • I appreciate the critique. I take it seriously, thanks!

  • M Y R O NE

    Regardless of my comment, I feel . you’re one of the most talented, creative and innovative retail pen sellers out there today , putting all the rest to the wayside You’re talented is underestimated , hence I want you to sell more pens and reach the highest level of achievement in today’s pen industry.

  • Many thanks for the kind words!

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