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A Few Urushi Minas Left! Smugmug Issues Fixed!

Posted by on Jun 29 2012, in Urushi

Hi Pen Fans!

Highlights from the video….

1.  Smugmug issues with searches are resolved.  All of the searches on my Smugmug galleries are back to normal.

As mentioned above, here’s the video "Tips on Navigating the Smugmug Galleries".  If you ever felt overwhelmed looking through my galleries, please watch this…

2.  The Urushi Mina’s are complete, and there are 4 left!

Here is the video that I mentioned showing how the reticulated pattern is created on the Urushi Minas.  Fascinating!

Here is the completed pen…..

See the Urushi Mina Project Page for all details and more photos…

Email me if you are interested in this pen.

Brian at Edison


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