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LA was a Blast!

Posted by on Feb 21 2012, in Pen Shows

Hey Pen Fans!

The LA Pen Show was amazing, as usual! 

We’re back home and trying to get rested up.  If you are expecting an email from me, it might be tomorrow, as I really need to recoup today.

For those of you that attended, it was great to see you!  For those who could not, I have embedded a slideshow below if you’d like to see some of the LA Pen Show happenings.

You’ll also see some good recaps of the show at the Fountain Pen Network here, and at FPGeeks here

(if you can’t see the slideshow above, click here).


Brian at Edison


  • Colburn Dick

    Thank you for sharing with us. Very nice photos.

  • Thank you SO much for doing this. Lots of great photos of pens AND people whose names I know but I’ve never had the pleasure to meet. Felt like a kid in a candy store looking at your photos. Wonderful!

  • No problems! Combining two of my favorite things (photography and pens) is never a hassle!

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