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Pneumatic Filler!

Hi Pen Fans!

I'm proud to announce that the Edison Pen Co is releasing a Beaumont Pneumatic Filler to the Signature Line.  

This is a pretty unique filling system.  They were very popular in the 20's and 30's, as well as the 50's and 60's.  As long as my pen history is correct, no pen company has made pneumatic fillers on a production scale since then.

Please watch the animation and video below for all details.

Highlights from the video....
00:17 - Pen Announcement, General Description
04:10 - What is a Pneumatic Filler?  How Does it Work?
07:07 - Why a Pneumatic Filler?  What are the Advantages?
10:12 - How to Fill
13:52 - Maintenance
16:51 - Pricing

Please visit the Beaumont Pneumatic Filler Main Page for all specifications and pricing.

We have almost 40 of these pens currently inventoried and ready to ship.  Please visit the following link to see all Beaumont Pneumatic Fillers that are currently inventoried and ready to ship.  Or, of course, you can place a custom order in whatever material you would like.

Let me know if there are any questions!

Brian at Edison



Sam's Gravatar WIN! So much win, and all of the epic variety!
# Posted By Sam | 1/8/13 8:56 AM
Markos's Gravatar What a marvelous pen. I really love the filing system. As a demonstrator sucker though, I wish there was a way to make it completely transparent :-) (sack and pneumatic mechanism)
# Posted By Markos | 1/8/13 11:19 AM
Brian Gray's Gravatar Hi Marko.

Thanks for the comments!

I also love demonstrators. But unfortunately, the brass tube has to be brass or another metal. Nothing translucent. So the demonstrator that you see in the video is about as good it can get.

Also - I use a light dusting of talc on the sac to keep it dry and moving smoothly. This talc kind of mucks up the view! That's primarily why the demonstrator in the video looks a little rough.

So I can made demonstrators out of this pen, but they simply won't be totally clear, and they have to have the brass tube hiding the sac. Just the nature of the design.
# Posted By Brian Gray | 1/8/13 11:24 AM
Markos's Gravatar Of course I understand that, but one can dream :-)
Seriously though, the pen is fantastic and the demonstrator will be even cooler. There are all kinds of filing mechanisms out there, but the pneumatic is hardly used and perhaps almost forgotten. The "coolest" brands make lever fillers, that I also love, perhaps to get the vintage-loving slice of the market, but ignore pneumatic fillers for some reason, while they're equally, or even more practical and cool. That's why I think that you've got a genius idea producing this pen. Great job!
# Posted By Markos | 1/8/13 11:40 AM
Brian Gray's Gravatar Thanks Markos! I appreciate the comments!
# Posted By Brian Gray | 1/8/13 11:44 AM
PATRICK CLIFFORD's Gravatar Brian,

Kudos and Well done to all at Edison - beautiful looking pen and great filling mechanism - funds will be found to purchase one!!!!

# Posted By PATRICK CLIFFORD | 1/8/13 4:05 PM
Kelson's Gravatar Congrats on the new design. This is a great idea. Glad to see the innovation by a real pillar of the pen community. One question: Since the section is sealed what would one go about replacing a sac that goes bad or for some other reason becomes defective? Does Edison service the pen or are there other alternatives?
# Posted By Kelson | 1/8/13 4:39 PM
Brian Gray's Gravatar Thanks Kelson.

As long as Edison exists (and we're not going anywhere), we'll service the pens, no problem.

But even if there is a problem long after I'm dead and gone, any pen repair person can re-sac the pen. The section is sealed with shellac, so it's easily reversed.

# Posted By Brian Gray | 1/8/13 4:42 PM
Sam's Gravatar One question: why does it have to be a metallic tube? surely any material that can be airtight should do?
# Posted By Sam | 1/8/13 5:13 PM
Brian Gray's Gravatar Hi Sam.

Thickness is the key. The tube needs to have walls of around .012" thin to work with this design. I'm not aware of any acrylic or any other material that is clear that could be this thin and work in this application

If I used acrylic, the pen would be ridiculously thick.
# Posted By Brian Gray | 1/8/13 5:28 PM
Sam's Gravatar That makes sense. Time for Scotty to travel back in time and release the secret of transparent aluminium to you, methinks.
# Posted By Sam | 1/8/13 5:42 PM
Iris's Gravatar I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but can the nib and feed be removed or is it fixed like the section?
# Posted By Iris | 1/8/13 9:14 PM
Brian Gray's Gravatar Hi Iris.

The nib will unscrew from the section, just like all other Edison Pens, so nib exchanging will be easy.

I will do a video blog in the near future explaining this.

# Posted By Brian Gray | 1/9/13 7:35 AM
Paul's Gravatar Very nice. now how about a snorkel filler? these are some of the most amazing pens on the market! I love my touchdown but do not yet have any snorkels. The material choices you have will make this a tough decision, but I can tell you this will be my first premium pen! (have yet to pay over 30 for a pen so I have some saving to do)
# Posted By Paul | 1/11/13 6:01 PM
Brian Gray's Gravatar Hi Paul! Thanks for the kind words!

Although I'm flattered, I wouldn't anticipate a snorkel-type filler with this pen. The engineering for this pen as is has been going on since early October. Adding a snorkel to this might take me a couple of years, if I honestly wanted to take that on, I'm sure!
# Posted By Brian Gray | 1/14/13 2:13 PM
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