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Edison Offering Richard Binder 14k Full Flex Nibs!

Posted by on Jun 27 2013, in Nib Customizations

Hi Pen Fans!

I’m very happy to announce a collaboration between Edison and Richard Binder.  We will now be offering fully flexible 14k nibs.

Please see the video below…

These nibs are awfully impressive.  As you can see in the video, there’s little difference between the vintage flex nib and Richard’s work.  Actually, Richard’s nib is offering a bit more flex.

Pricing is as follows (this is the cost for the flex alteration only…the cost of the pen including the 14k stock nib is in addition to this cost).

Fine – $100
XF, XXF, XXXF – $150
XXXXF – $165 (not recommended for beginners.)

Please note – as per our agreement with Richard, we cannot sell individual flex nibs. Only equipped on an Edison Pen.

If you are not familiar with flex nibs, I would recommend visiting Richard’s site to read a bit about proper care of flex nibs.

Let me know if there are any questions!

Brian at Edison


  • Dave

    That nib looks great Brian, you and Richard did a great job!

  • Dre

    Is there anyway to see the line size for other nibs (F, M, B)?

  • Hi Dre.

    At this point, I would only worry about F, and Finer. Most people don’t want an M or B flex nib, as this reduces the line variation, which is the whole reason for doing flex. Also, I usually don’t even order these nibs in M or larger, as there’s just very little demand for them.

    Thannks! Brian

  • joshua

    I am really interred in getting the fine 14k full flex nib for my Collier (Awesome Pen) where can I buy it since I haven’t been able to find in the page nor in your distributors a way to do it. Thanks keep up the amazing job!!

  • Dan

    Hi there, Brian:

    Thank you for offering this fantastic flex nib customization by RB.

    I can see there are more than the usual FINE option. XF, XXF, and XXXF are offered at a higher price as well.

    Are there writing samples for the abovementioned various flexible nib sizes? This information was not available here or RB’s website.

    Thanks Brian for your attention on this matter. Really looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    • Sorry, we don’t have examples of each tip size. But you should expect the unflexed writing line to be the same as Western tip sizes. Thanks!

  • Peter

    HiBrian, I was wondering if you’re still selling the Edison Collier Richard Binder pen? I’m interested in purchasing one .

  • Logan

    Are these still being offered?! I have become a bit of a flex addict and want one with all of my soul.

    • Yep! Still offered! Thanks!

  • Ian

    This is fabulous news! I’m going to start saving up my pennies to get one.

  • Erica

    Are the flex nibs available for the #5 Mina as well, or only the #6 pens?

    • Sorry, the flex nibs are #6 size only. So they will fit any pen except the Mina and Pearlette. Thanks!

  • Neo

    Hello! Are these still available?

  • Dorothy

    Hi Brian,

    I owned a Pelikan m400 pen with extra fine nib. I love the pen but the nib is too wet and thick. Will you be able to customize the nib to my preference? If so, how much will you charge for it? Thank you.

    • Hi Dorothy. Thanks for thinking of us, but we only do nib adjustments on Edison Pens.

  • Jem

    Is it possible to request a duopoint nib with the full flex?

    • Sure thing! Just reach out!

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