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Back From Vacation, and New Models as Pneumatics!

Hi Pen Fans!

We are back from our vacation.  Albeit short, it was definitely needed!

The reason for this blog post is to make you aware that there are now options to have a Pneumatic Filler as a Huron, Glenmont, or Hudson.

Prior to this, the only pen that we had offered as a Pneumatic filler was the Beaumont.

But the pneumatic filling system has now been adapted to the Huron, Glenmont, and Hudson. 

Some of my clients find the Beaumont to be a smaller pen for their given hand size, so there are now some larger pneumatic options.

Now I realize that this might bring up a lot of questions as to which Edison models can and cannot be pneumatics, so I’ll give a rundown….

Currently avaible as pneumatic, ready to order – Beaumont, Huron, Glenmont, Hudson.
Possibly available as pneumatic, please inquire – Huron Grande, Morgan
Doubtful – Pearl, Pearlette, #76, Mina, Herald Grande, Herald, Collier, Encore, Premiere

The pens that are doubtful to ever be pneumatics are due either to the outer diameter, or the necessary shape of the blind cap, or both.

So there have already been some interesting new pneumatic models already ordered.  Below are examples (no Hudson photos yet)…..

Huron in Deep Red Swirl Ebonite….

Huron in Red Tortoise….

Glenmont in Sapphire Flake….

And here’s a neat custom job.  Essentially, this is a Collier Cap with a Glenmont Barrel…..

So if you have interest in a larger pneumatic filler, just reach out!

Cost of these new models will be the same as the Beaumont Pneumatic, $350 steel nib or $450 18k nib.


Brian at Edison

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