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Edison 2014 Limited Edition Group Buy Update….

Posted by on Jun 23 2014, in New Pens

Hi Pen Fans!

Every year (usually in the spring), we do a Signature Line Limited Edition Pen, and we do it at a "Group-Buy" price.

Since these pens are built assembly-line style, we pass this efficiency to the customer by giving a better price.  This annual group buy is the only time that you’ll ever see a Signature Line Pen discounted in any way.  In the past, a pen that retails for $250 is offered in this setting for between $175 and $190.  This year, the project will most likely be identical in price, or certainly within that range.

If you are interested in seeing how these deals worked in the past, you can see the 2013 Edition here, and the 2012 Edition here.

The reason for this update is that this Group Buy is obviously happening later this year, as Spring has already passed.  We had a lot of ancillary projects this spring, and we just couldn’t get the Group Buy happening then.  We also have received a lot of questions as to when this will happen, so I wanted to address this in a more formal manner.

Well, we do have a plan at this point!  We will be taking a vacation in July, and then we’ll get the 2014 Limited Edition Group Buy announced right after that vacation.  Then the buying period will be extended until a little after the DC Pen Show, and we’ll start manufacturing after the DC Pen show.

So this means that we’ll anounce this pen around the 28th of July and the buying period will begin then.  The buying period will end after the DC Pen Show, so sometime the week of August 11th, maybe the week of the 18th, not sure yet.  Then we’ll manufacture after that.

We already have some wonderful materials picked out, and we also have a good idea as to which model will be featured (can’t tell yet!), so stay tuned!

Brian at Edison


  • Steven Koltenuk

    Thanks Brian. Looking forward to it!

  • Nan

    Have fun making wonderful memories on your vacation!!!
    I’m looking forward to it..One of the pens has my name written all over it =
    Thanks Brian

  • Oh! I have been waiting for this announcement for a while! Am keeping my fingers crossed for the Mina/Extended Mina because I never get tired of looking at her beautiful curves… XD

  • Jason

    Looking forward to the GB… come on Menlo!

  • Thanks everyone! Stay tuned!

  • Mark

    Will all of the ebonite Lim Ed pens have the same symmetry as the example. I have other ebonite pens you have made, and they the pattens are more random.


  • Mark

    Can the Limited Ed pen post securely?

  • Hi Mark.

    Yes, the ebonite pattern will be very uniform. At least that’s been my experience with all of this material so far. I have a good amount of it now, and I can tell by looking at the ends that yes, it will be uniform. If you have a pen previously purchased where the pattern is more random, then this is probably a swirl ebonite, and the pattern is purposely random. This is a controlled woodgrain pattern, and it should be very very uniform. Thanks!

  • Hi Mark.

    Yes, the Glenmont posts securely. Thanks!

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