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Recovery, Please Bear With Me….

Hi Pen Fans!

My wife’s surgery went fine, and now we are into recovery mode.

Her gall bladder was actually about 3-4 times enlarged, and her stones were so big that they needed to widen the laparoscopic incisions to get them out. We’re just glad that the surgery remained laparoscopic, and that they didn’t need to make larger non-laparoscopic cuts.

So her recovery time might be longer than the typical laparoscopic recovery, but the outcome was fine outside of this.

Here’s the plan…

Andrea should be coming home tomorrow.  I will have help from family with our 4-year-old.  I’m going to get a couple of pens done in the next few days with their help.

Then I’m planning on going back into full production mode on Monday, with family helping with the little one.

By Monday, I should have a good idea as to what Andrea’s capabilities are (very limited, I’m sure), and also what family can do to help.

On Monday or Tuesday, I’ll send emails with tentative dates to everyone who is backordered.  I will ask everyone to still be flexible with these dates for expected delivery of their pens.

I’m pretty sure that family help will allow me to work 9 to 5 every weekday next week, but I’m also sure that there will be exceptions.  I’m anticipating that Andrea will not be able to deal with wrangling our four-year-old for another two weeks (?)  Who knows at this point?

I’ve received so many emails from people giving good thoughts, and I’d like to thank each of you.  It’s really tough to see a loved one in pain when you are helpless to assist.  It seemed like I got an email on my phone every 15 minutes from one of you that lifted my spirits.  I shared each of these emails with my wife, and she was overwhelmed with gratitude.  Many thanks!

A lot of my clients have told me to not worry about pens, and focus on family.  Don’t worry, I definitely have, and I will continue.  However, I love making pens, and it’s quite therapeutic for me.  I’m not going to neglect my family obligations by any means…don’t worry, family comes first, but I also need to run the business and our family will be helping with Andrea’s recovery and watching the little one.  There’s no paid vacations when you are self employed! My family knows this, and they, along with friends are lining up to help out.

Updates to backordered clients will remain timely.

Also – I will include a recent family picture that I like.  It won’t be long before Andrea will be healed up enough to hoist Andrew like this again!

Many thanks.

Brian Gray
Edison Pens

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Brian, happy to hear that everything going well for your family. My best wishes for Andrea’s quick and full recovery.



Great to hear Brian!
Its a delicate balance you have to walk.
Hopefully both of you will get all the help you need.

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