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No More Shopping Cart, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Pen Fans!

A quick website update, along with some holiday wishes….

I have eliminated the Paypal shopping cart.  Paypal has been making so many administrative changes this year that I just don’t have time to alter my website everytime that they make a change.

Not only that, but 95% of my orders are custom.  This means that hardly anyone uses the shopping cart, regardless.

So the way that the website will work now is that each pen page will have a slideshow showing variations and choices.  Customers can also browse through more than 300 photos on my FlickR website.

From there, customers can email me requests. 

I have also recently gained the ability to take credit cards.

On a lighter note, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

My family and I have a lot to give thanks for. 

About a year and a half ago, I lost my pharmaceuticals job.  At that time, I honestly thought that this pen business would simply be something to keep me off of unemployment until I found another job that I hated.  I never really thought that pens could be a living for me, but here I am…Edison is growing every month and we have never been happier!

What a difference a year makes!

I’ll attach a recent family picture. 

Blessings, everyone!

Brian at Edison



6 replies on “No More Shopping Cart, and Happy Thanksgiving!”

Great pic of the family.
You have no idea just how proud I am of you and all your efforts-you well deserve it.
Can any pen that you make be made into a BALLPOINT as well? I LOVE the Visconti Gel refills.
Can they fit your pens?

Dear Brian
I summed up the pens i got in the last year
The pens you’ve crafted for me are the best I’ve got in 2009 , much better than pens made by famous brands and other various LE . Thank you for your work !
I love your pens

Jerry – I’ve never had the request for a ballpoint, but I’m sure that I could engineer a pen around pretty much any ballpoint refill that you might have in mind.

Thanks for the comments, Ori!

great pic! Can’t wait to see my pen this week. . I agree with the pay pal idea, I’d rather deal on a more personal level anyway. See you in Philadelphia. Hope yo had a great Thanksgiving. Regards, Bill

your generosity and willingness to give back, is inspiring and a goal we can all look to
BTW, your pens are pretty good too =)

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