Urushi Update – An Exciting Step….

Hi Pen Fans!

The Pearl Urushi Project is getting even more exciting.

We are at the Togi (sanding) stage.  This means that all of the work to create the layers of gold and lacquer are starting to emerge.

At this point, careful sanding exposes the layers that have been built up and hidden until now.

There is a video as well as a photo showing the progress here….

It is safe to say that we are at the home stretch on the first batch of 10 pens.

We are anticipating having these pens complete prior to the DC Pen Show.

The second batch of 10 pens are still on target for September delivery.


Brian at Edison

6 replies on “Urushi Update – An Exciting Step….”


you are simply the best at what you do. Wow. THose pens are beautiful!! im getting into making pens (for myself, that is…a college student doesn’t have time to do more than that), and it helps me to appreciate how truly skilled you are.

All the best,


Well, please remember that I constructed the pens, but Ernest Shin with Hakumin Urushi Kobo is doing the lacquer work…..


don’t know about anyone else, but I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the sand paper being picked up, I guess I had visions of a spa-like treatment!
Amazing to see the process like this

Brian, this project is really moving. I can see these pens are going to be priceless additions to several collections. Thank you for showing the process, and please thank Ernest, too, for showing us his artistry. Wish I’d gotten in on this, but I’ll certainly continue watching these pens emerge and watching your business grow into one of the best for custom pens.

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