The Urushi Pearls are Finished, and Teaming Up with Hakumin Urushi in DC!

Hi Pen Fans!

I have two items to cover in this blog entry.  Both involve Ernest, with Hakumin Urushi Kobo.

First, I am pleased to announce that Ernest and I will be teaming up and sharing a table at the DC Pen Show this weekend.

Our teaming up will truly make for a phenomenal custom pen opportunity. 

If the customer wishes, a custom order for any Edison Pen can be placed, with Ernest working his urushi magic on said pen.  Or we can work with the customer to create a completely new design.

This means that the possibilities are endless.  Any Edison Pen or any custom Edison creation can be comissioned.  Then the customer can discuss lacquer techniques with Ernest to customize a wonderful traditional Japanese lacquer finish.

This certainly represents something awfully unique in the pen world.


Second, The Urushi Pearls are Finished!

Please see the pics below…they certainly speak for themselves!

I will have more completed photos up on the Urushi Peal Page later, as I’m busy getting ready for the DC Pen Show.

This has been a fantastic project.  Ernest and I are already making plans for the next Limited Edition.  If you want to subscribe to my blog (upper-right-hand corner of this page), you will be automatically updated when we are starting the next series, and taking orders.

So I hope to see lots of you at the DC Pen Show.  If you are on the fence about attending, remember that this is the biggest and best show in the US if not the world!


Brian at Edison

2 replies on “The Urushi Pearls are Finished, and Teaming Up with Hakumin Urushi in DC!”

Absolutely gorgeous! I am extremely anxious to receive mine (shipping this week, IIRC.)

I haven’t been this excited about a pen purchase in a long time.

The pens will ship either Friday or Monday. I don’t have enough gold nibs engraved, so those will happen Thursday.


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