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Happy Thanksgiving, and Some Edison Updates…..

Hi Pen Fans!

This update was intended to be a video blog, but we’re at my parent’s place for the Holiday (I can already smell the turkey!) , and I realized that I forgot to bring my video camera!  Oh well.  I’ll give the updates without video….

Pear Tree/Edison Collaboration

The Edison Pen Company and Pear Tree Pens has collaborated to come up with a Limited Edition Pen.

What makes this pen unique is that it will be made from very scarce Sheaffer material.

You can see this pen here.  Please note that the photos are of a prototype.  We then Photoshopped the Sheaffer material into the photo.  This is not the actual product, but it will give you an idea as to the shape.  If everything stays on track, I’ll have the product shipped late next week, so expect to see actual photos the middle of next week.

Brian G and Brian G Teaming Up!

Brian Goulet of Goulet Pens has become a great friend over the last couple years.  I’ve always enjoyed watching his weekly broadcast.  Brian has been kind enough to asked me to join him on his Write Time at 9 Broadcast. 

Click here to read Brian’s announcement. 

This will be Tuesday the 30th, at 9:00 PM, EDT at this link.

Topics to be covered are not finalized, but we will be announcing a Holiday Special Giveaway that both of our companies will participate in, so make sure to tune in to see how you can participate.  We are also up of any suggestions for topics.  Pen design?  Nib tuning?  Steel vs. Gold?  Tune in, and we’ll talk about anything that you would like.

Two New Designs Right Around the Corner!

A Smaller Pen….
We have had a lot requests for smaller pens.  I have a new design than involves a smaller #5 nib.  This pen is designed for smaller hands.  However, I’m about 5’11" with normal sized hands.  Personally, it’s just on the verge of too small for me, but I still like it.  The prototype has quickly become my daily writer.  It fits perfectly into my wife’s hands.  Since this pen uses a smaller #5 nib, the overall section diameter will be smaller than my other pen designs.  So for men with large hands, this might be too small.  But for men with regular sized hands, or for women, this pen should fit the bill very nicely.

There will be two versions.  A short compact version, and a longer standard sized version. 

I also have access to some truly phenomenal #5 Calligraphy Nibs in 1.5mm, 1.9mm, and a WHOPPING 2.3mm size.  If you are a fan of super-wide italic nibs, these are wonderful.

And here’s the kicker – this pen will be significantly less expensive.

If anyone wants to see early prototype photos of this pen, email me.  I am taking pre-orders.

I will be ready to launch this new pen in the next two weeks and also announce the price, so stay tuned!

An Overlay Pen….
I have designed a pretty phenomenal overlay, and employed the help of a good friend to manufacture it, as I don’t have the tools to do this myself.

The result really was phenomenal.  The overlays are off being plated, and they should be in my hands when I return from Thanksgiving.  Trust me folks, this overlay is truly wonderful.

This pen should be ready to announce and launch mid-December.

Happy Thanksgiving!

When I finish this blog post, I’m going to get into lazy mode here at my parents place!  This will involve great food, football, family, and little else!

Every so often I pinch myself when I think that I’m actually making a living from fountain pens! 

My family has a lot to be thankful for, and I would like to recognize my customers!  Without you, I would still be working a job that I hate!  THANKS!

Here’s a recent family photo…after the Toronto Pen Show, we took a couple of days vacation at Niagara Falls…


Happy Thanksgiving!

Brian at Edison

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