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More Evening Webcasts Will be Coming…Suggestions?

Hi Pen Fans.

The evening webcast to announce the Stilwell was a huge success.

We not only got through the Stilwell, but was able to discuss a bevy of pen related topics.  If you missed the webcast, it was recorded, and can be seen here.

I’m realizing that these webcasts can be very beneficial to my clients.

So I am going to plan another webcast after the Philly Pen Show, and I’m looking for suggestions.

I have topics on mind, but I wanted to ask everyone….

What topic would you like to discuss over the next evening webcast?

These webcasts do not have to be Edison related.  Any topic that will enhance your time with pens is the idea.



Brian at Edison

17 replies on “More Evening Webcasts Will be Coming…Suggestions?”

Nib tuning to nib grinding; inks and paper; how you come up with design ideas and take them to production, maybe the history of several of your models…

I appreciate educational items about pens and related items.
As entertaining as some other podcasts are, they can be tedious when they completely lose thier direction.

Agreed on losing direction.

My goal will be to have a specific topic, and not deviate from it until it’s thoroughly covered. Then I’ll open it up to any other topics afterward.


The new piston filler–how much ink does it hold–where do you get them from. Will the piston fillers have ink-view windows or will you need to remove the barrel to see the ink supply–like a large captive convertor? If there are plans for larger nibbed pens–I know it was cost prohibitive in the past. What about a size 9 steal nib? Any plans for a pocket pen like the Sailor Sapporro mini or Stipula passaporto?–eyedropper filler of course! Thats all for now.

I would love to see one on nib tuning and grinding, as mentioned before. As well as some history on your designs.

Steve – remember that the piston filler is still a long way away. It won’t be a priority until 3-4 months, and even then, I’ll have to get it past prototype. So for now, it could be summer or later.
I’m still doing homework on larger nibs. The chances are better with gold than steel.
I have done a smaller pocket pen. The one where the cap threads onto the back of the barrel. If you haven’t seen pics, let me know, thanks.

Aubrey – the nib tuning definitely will happen. The history of designs is a good idea.

At some point I’d like to see an explanation of how every part of the pen works. The feed has elaborate and numerous fins, and why the dunk level during filling is so critical, are things still a mystery to me and explanations are surprisingly skipped over around the net. Thanks.

Not only nib tunning which I look forward, but also feed tunning. With close ups or explanatory diagrams.
Also other could be fountain pen history.
The classics explained.
Pen shows highlights.

Can you show us more about the raw materials? i.e., the forms they come in (sheet, rods…) and perhaps differences in the raw forms from acrylic, ebonite, celluloid? Hope that made sense.

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