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Tips on Navigating the Smugmug Galleries…

Hi Pen Fans!

Highlights from the video….

1.  The Holidays are going great.  The December sale is still in effect until January 1st.

2.  I realize that my Smugmug Galleries are large and daunting.  I have some tips on how to effectively navigate these galleries to find custom pens and materials.

3.  There is a new Material Samples gallery for easier navigation.

4.  Stay tuned for some new announcements next week!

Brian at Edison

5 replies on “Tips on Navigating the Smugmug Galleries…”

The Material Sample gallery is a great idea! One thing I’d like to see, though, is a grouping of ebonite materials, so that I can look at them in order. But even then, it isn’t really needed.

Happy New Year!

I agree with Melinda, the material gallery is an awesome idea, but it will be better if you can have one gallery for acrylic, one for ebonite, and one for celluloid.

Thanks for the comments.

I probably won’t make separate galleries for celluloid, acrylic, and ebonite, however.

Remember that within the materials gallery, you can restrict your search by typing your term to search for while you are inside the gallery.

For instance, here is a search of the Materials Gallery based on the term "ebonite"….

You could do the same with celluloid, but I don’t have any celluloid in this gallery yet.


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