Urushi Mina Update!

Hi Pen Fans!

It’s time for an update to the Urushi Mina Project.

I gotta say, this stage is one of the absolute coolest techniques that I’ve ever seen!  I’ve watched Ernest’s video about 5 times already!

At this stage, a urushi mixture is floated on water.  The mixture then jets across the surface of the water and coalesces into a fine reticulated network as the alcohol separates out of the mixture and dissolves into the water.  This looks like a very interesting spider-web.  

The pen parts are then carefully dipped into the mixture, and this "spider web" clings to the pen.  Amazing!

Go to the Mina Urushi Project Page for a full description, or watch the video below….


Brian at Edison and Ernest at Hakumin Urushi

3 replies on “Urushi Mina Update!”

That is so utterly cool! Ernest, your art never ceases to amaze. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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