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Proud to Be a Geek!

Hi Pen Fans!

I am very proud to have been interviewed by Eric with Fountain Pen Geeks this week!  This officially makes me the Geek of the Week!

Fountain Pen Geeks has really become an amazing resource for all fountain pen fans.  Be sure to check out their site.  Podcasts, Reviews, a Forum that is growing very fast…and of course, they have their Geek of the Week!

So pop some corn, and watch the interview below.  We spent an hour and forty minutes together, so we covered a lot.  Topics covered the entire gambit.  We realize that this can be a lot to digest, so the entire interview is broken down into a timeline below the video if you’d like to skip around.


Interview Timeline:

0:00:27 You say tomato, I say Milan.
0:01:18 We’re shooting video.
0:02:14 How’s the weather?
0:02:28 Who is Brian Gray?
0:04:10 How many stop lights in Milan?
0:05:47 Family
0:07:11 Brian’s Focus on Photography
0:19:00 Pen Show Talk (LA and Philly)
0:20:40 Life prior to Edison Pen Co
0:24:00 Marquetry Furniture
0:26:17 The seeds of Edison Pen Co
0:31:48 What is an acrylic?
0:33:20 Wood Lathe vs Metal Lathe
0:36:00 Acrylic vs Wood
0:37:55 Woodworking Skills vs Machining Skills
0:38:05 Threads 101
0:39:11 Manual Lathe vs Computer Numerical Controlled Lathe
0:40:42 Spreading the Virtual Word
0:45:50 How many pens have you made?
0:47:00 Edison Owners Reunion in Milan =)
0:47:25 Let’s theorize about mass production techniques…
0:50:00 Edison Pen Co Shop Size
0:50:45 How do you design a pen?
0:54:58 The Mina and Ernest Shin of Hakumin Urushi Kobo
0:58:34 Edison Pen Co and Ernest Shin of Hakumin Urushi Kobo
1:03:00 Pen Models and Materials Paletter
1:09:37 Does Brian collect pens?
1:11:47 Brian’s ink preferences.
1:14:14 Steel Nibs vs Gold Nibs
1:16:45 vs Silver Nibs
1:18:13 Meisternibs
1:20:23 The Pearlette
1:21:18 Size comparison to The Mina
1:21:40 Size comparison to The Huron Grande
1:22:20 The Del Coronado
1:25:48 What’s coming in 2012?
1:28:28 Did he say piston filler?!?
1:30:55 A Huge Number 8 Nib?
1:32:22 And beyond 2012?
1:34:10 What improves Brian’s penmaking skills?
1:37:42 Which pens shows do you attend each year?
1:38:45 Which pen show is the largest?
1:41:10 Thank you! Thank you!
1:42:54 Let’s do dinner!

Make sure to check out FPGeeks if you haven’t already….

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Brian at Edison

3 replies on “Proud to Be a Geek!”

That was fun to watch – it didn’t feel like a long video! I’m now looking forward to the release of the new Edison Nouveau pen. Thanks for sharing more about Edison Pen Co.

Hi Brian! Just wanted to stop by and thank you again for being our Geek of the Week. The interview was great fun. I’m so very glad we made the video version. You’re extremely engaging. See you in LA!

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