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Letters? We Get Letters!

Hi Pen Fans!

Since the Edison Pen Company’s inception, we have always had loyal fans write us letters, thank-you notes, and correspondences of all kinds.  Obviously, running a company that manufactures fountain pens means that the literally all of our clientele are huge fans of handwritten letters, so we get to reap the benefit of lots of nice pieces of mail coming our way!  How lucky can we get? 

Up until today, we never really had a good way to display all of these wonderful letters.  Previously, we had three small cork boards that all of our fan mail went to, but they filled up about 5 years ago! 

When those filled up, We just couldn’t bring ourselves to simply read and then throw away any fan mail, so we started keeping them in a box. 

And then recently, the FPGeeks sent along all of the fan mail and entries for the Edison Pen Giveaway from back in July.  Well, this just threw us way over the edge when it came to our fan mail, and where to put it all!

Well, I finally found a way to properly display our fan mail.  I made a really large 4 x 8 bulletin board out of foam insulation.  See below….

If you would like to see a larger version that will show off some of the amazing artwork, click here.

But here’s the funny thing!  We still couldn’t fit all of it!  We still have a large USPS Flat Rate Box full of mail!  I guess that we’ll have to build another board on another wall!

So the reason for this post is not to show off all of our fan mail, but to say THANKS!

Honestly, whenever I am feeling exhausted, worn down, or not that motivated….I love reading some of these letters, as it brings some life back into my step!  We are truly blessed to have clientele who will go out of their way to put their wonderful pens to paper!

So if anyone is so inclined, you are more than welcome to contribute to our new wall of fan mail!  I promise I’ll get another one built soon so we can display all of it!

PO Box 138
Milan, OH  44846

Again – heartfelt thanks to all of our fans!

Brian at Edison


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