Nib Customizations

Enlisting the Help of Masuyama and Minuskin!

Hi Pen Fans!

Highlights from the video.

1.  From this point forward, the Edison Pen Co will be enlisting the help of Mike Masuyama and Greg Minuskin for a portion of custom ground nibs.

2.  Mike Masuyama with Mike It Work will handle all XF and smaller custom grinds.

3.  Greg Minuskin will handle all 14k nibs altered for flex.

4.  All italic nibs (stub, cursive italic, crisp italic) will remain in-house.

5.  This should not effect delivery timelines.  Both Greg and Mike will be getting nibs to me generally faster than my current timeline for a custom pen.  And in many cases, I will inventory the nibs pre-made, just in case.

6.  The Spencer Limited Edition Pen ordering window will be open until October 19th.

7.  We hope to see you this weekend at the Michigan Pen Show!

Let me know if there are any questions!

Brian at Edison

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