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Tweaks for Geeks! Online Nib Tuning Seminar!

Hi Pen Fans!

For a long time now, I’ve been threatening to put together a nice nib tuning tutorial.  However, many factors have delayed this.  Time is one factor, but probably the most important factor is finding a proper format.  A printed article will not truly convey what I want, and while a pre-recorded video would be nice, it’s not optimal in my mind.  If this topic is presented improperly, and the information was not conveyed clearly, it would certainly do more harm than good for the Fountain Pen Community.  So I’ve been pretty careful about how to present this.

I had a discussion with the good people over at the FPGeeks, and we concluded that an interactive video format will probably accomplish what we want in the form of a Google Hangout.

So here’s what will happen….We are going to host an online interactive seminar called "Tweaks for Geeks".  Within this presentation, I will discuss how to properly tune your nibs.  Tine alignmnet, nib smoothing, perhaps flow adjustment, etc.  Since this will be in a Google Hangout format, you can personally attend, ask questions, and bring your problematic pens for us to fix together.

This seminar will be Saturday, April 27, 2013, at 10:30am Pacific Daylight Time.

You can find all details here at the FPGeeks announcement.  Please read this carefully if you wish to attend the seminar, as you will need to have certain equipment with you.  This equipment is listed within the announcement.

Now if you cannot attend, fear not.  The seminar will be broadcast live and will also be hosted on the FPGeeks site as well as YouTube afterwards to be viewed at any time.

Lastly, I believe that the idea here is to make this a recurring show.  Since we can’t cover every single topic of pen maintenance, repair, tune-ups and tweaks in one show, we’re going to try to address many topics over time.

So tune in, and we’ll tune up!

Brian at Edison

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