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Behind the Scenes at The Edison Pen Company…

Hi Pen Fans!

I realize that I’m on vacation, but the final cut of a promotional film regarding the Edison Pen Company was just finished, and I couldn’t resist getting it published.

Please see below. 

Special thanks to Eric Schneider (producer), Carlos Yasik (filming and editing), and J. Scott Franklin (music).

Within this film you’ll see my wonderful wife Andrea, who plays a huge role in the business.  If you’ve seen us at the pen shows, you would have met her, but she never makes many appearances on the Edison site, so here’s Andrea’s social media debut!


Brian at Edison

(PS, we’re still on vacation, so I’ll return all emails around the 29th, and then we’ll launch the new filling system right after that!)

20 replies on “Behind the Scenes at The Edison Pen Company…”

Bravo! Great video and especially nice editing of it. Love the black and white. Classic!

Excellent! Just like your pens: high quality, tasteful, lots of class, top notch. Congrats on ANOTHER job well done, sir.

Wonderfully made video- photography, music, and a real feeling for the materials and work.
Really something that shows why we love these objects.

Fantastic video! Nicely photographed and great music. It all works great. So lovely to see your wife in action. I didn’t realized she was that involved with the process. Wonderful to be life partners and business partners, too! You are very lucky people.

What a great video. Andrea was the star of the show (sorry Brian). Enjoy your vacation, and we’re all interested in hearing about the new pen.

Certainly give me a new appreciation of your craft. Very nice video.
Now if I could just decide which one I want.

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