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A New Pen Coming to the Production Line This Week!

Hi Pen Fans!

This week, we will be announcing a new pen within the Production Line!

These new pens are on the way to retailers now, so we can’t announce it quite yet.  So for now, we’re putting out a little teaser!

The pic below is of the materials that we will be using. 

We will announce this officially on Thursday, so stay tuned!

And just to clarify, this pen is totally different than a new filling system that I alluded to in a previous blog post.  The pen with the new filling system is about 2-3 weeks from being announced.  So two new pens will make July a busy month at Edison!


Brian at Edison

7 replies on “A New Pen Coming to the Production Line This Week!”

That second color looks suspiciously like the Flecked Tortoise that was used in the Nouveau Encore LE. Very nice!

Very observant, Larry! However, the actual Flecked Tortoise is still too expensive for us to use in a Production setting. This material being used is a pretty close facsimile, however!

Can’t wait until Thursday! Love the three material samples … Looks like they will make awesome pen choices.

I love the look of the blue. A really nice colour. It’s hard to tell from the picture whether the blue is a flake or a "not a flake". Am I allowed to ask?

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