Time Away

Back in Action!

Hi Pen Fans!

Well, we took a much needed break over the Holidays, and we’re back to work today.  We’re awfully blessed to have jobs that we really look forward to getting back to after a break!

So if you are expecting an email from me, you’ll get it today.

On our plate for 2014 will include a new pen model with another pretty novel filling system.  We will be doing a Production Line Limited Edition at one point, a new material will be going to a Production Line pen, and remember that we’ll always do a Signature Line Limited Edition in the late winter/early spring.  If some of you are wondering about a timeline for these new items, I really can’t narrow this down, except for the Signature Line LE, which always happens roundabout March.  So stay tuned!  We will always be striving to bring out great new products!

I wanted to say thanks to all of you for a great 2013, and we look forward to an excellent 2014!

Brian at Edison

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