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A Great Vacation! Back to Work!

Hi Pen Fans!

Our Disney Vacation was great!  I’ll include a few photos below….

Our son had a blast!

I managed to get this shot out of pure luck!  During the fireworks show, Tinkerbell exits the castle on a wire and she is very well lit up.  I managed to capture her trip out of the castle, as well as a firework that shoots by her!



And look who we ran into!  The Goulet Pen Company as well as the Edison Pen Company happened to be vacationing the same week!  We had a nice breakfast together!  It really IS a small world!  🙂

So we’ll be back to work this week.  If you are expecting an email from me, I should be able to get through all emails tomorrow, Monday.


Brian at Edison

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oh fantastic !

I am a follower of your videos of pen, and I love the review, and thanks to those videos; I know about Edison Pen and I gradually reviewing more about these pens that I love models

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