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Behind the Scenes: Making a Menlo Pump Filler

We always receive a lot of good feedback whenever we show "Behind the Scenes" at Edison, so we decided to show you how we make a Menlo Pump Filler.

(if you can’t see the video below, click here).



Brian at Edison 


16 replies on “Behind the Scenes: Making a Menlo Pump Filler”

Thanks for such an interesting video. I don’t own any translucent bodied fountain pens as I never really liked how they looked. But having watched how much work goes into one & seeing how cool the swirl body is, especially when being filled, the Menlo Pump Filler is at the top of my list of ‘must have’ pens. Off to check one out! I really love the hands on craftsmanship! Well done!

Thank you so much for the time and effort that went into this  super enjoyable! Great for the "armchair machinists" among us (and we know who we are).
Unfortunately it has brought no clarity as to material/model/filling system decisions to be made for my future Edison pen(s). A quandary that occupies WAY too much of my waking hours.

Thanks for making this amazing video! It’s really fun to see all the work that goes into your products. I’d never thought about the fact that you can’t injection mold a patterned material before. Seem obvious now that you’ve pointed it out. I have to go ink up my Menlo now.

Reminds me of the time i used to watch during my lunch time when all pens were done manually.

This is an excellent documentary! I believe yours is the only pen company that goes to these lengths to educate your customers. As a complete ignoramus in things mechanical, I was especially impressed by the fitting of the rubber piston head cover, and the cleverness of the solution to the piston return issue. Also, by the large amount of artisan participation in the process. Thanks!

Hi Brian,
Thanks so much for the education. Learning more about how these pens are made is great. Now I am falling in love with those translucent acrylics, too.

WOW! That was some video Brian on the Menlo Filler…… I never imagined all the work that went into one of these pens! Thanks for taking the time to show us all the what goes into one of these fine pens!

What is the inkwell/ink bottle you use when you filled the pen at the beginning of the film?

Very nice! Greatly enjoyed watching the work and process. Let me add my thanks to those above.

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