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LE Glenmont Update #3

Hi Pen Fans!

The 2014 LE Glenmonts are moving along nicely.  See recent pics below, or the entire gallery of progress is here.

Just about all of the Pearlized Wine Pens are off the lathe, sanded and polished.

All of the Cumberland Pens are off the lathe, but not sanded and polished yet. That’s what we are working on now.

Then clip attachment, final assembly, final touchups, and nib work.

Right now, I’ll give a very rough estimated shipping date of after the Ohio Pen Show.  So probably before Thanksgiving.  But please don’t hold me to that, as unexpected things can happen.  In any case, I’ll keep the updates timely!


Brian at Edison

Rough (and a little dusty) Cumberland caps. Waiting to be sanded.


Sanded and Polished Cumberland Barrels and Sections


Sanded Cumberland barrels, waiting to be polished


Polished Wine Pens

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