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Hudson Being Discontinued….

Hi Pen Fans.

It’s with heavy heart that I announce the discontinuation of the Hudson from our Production Line as well as future custom Hudson possibilities.  🙁

This has nothing to do with popularity.  As a matter of fact, the Hudson is one of our best selling and most popular of the larger models that we offer, which makes this even more difficult!

The reason for the discontinuation is that the supplier who sells us the exact clip that was used on the Hudson can no longer supply it to us….these clips aren’t being made anymore.  And of course, a clip is very distinguishing to a pen model.

So regarding our Production Line Hudson….if you want to grab them up, our retailers still have some left, and we have a few left to ship them to fulfill orders.  Go here to see retailers that will be selling off the last of the Production Line Hudsons, but I don’t anticipate them lasting long.

Regarding Custom Hudsons…I have hoarded about 5 of the last clips.  I will reserve these last 5 clips for custom ordered Hudsons.  You can email me to discuss a custom order.

Bottom line, if you like the Hudson and want to get one prior to the discontinuation, the time is now!  The Hudson will not be returning!

In the meantime, fear not…we plan on having a new pen model appear in the Production Line to replace it early in 2015.


Brian at Edison



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