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Herald Being Discontinued from the Production Line

Hi Pen Fans!

Just a quick blog post to make everyone aware that we will be discontinuing the Herald from the Production Line.

This has nothing to do with popularity.  Actually, the Herald has done very well for us in the Production Line.  We are simply interested in refreshing the line from time to time.  We have something new in mind to add to the Production Line, and it doesn’t make sense to keep the Herald with this one coming.

We hope to introduce this new pen to the Production Line in the next month or two to replace the Herald.  We have our materials on the way now, and will begin manufacturing as soon as it arrives.

So for those of you who have contemplated a Herald purchase from the Production Line, now is the time! All Heralds are currently in the hands of our retailers, and once they are sold out, they are sold out.  Go here to see the retailers that carry the Herald.

And for those of you who love the Herald design, fear not…we can still make custom Heralds for you.  Of course, we can’t offer custom versions at the Production Line price, but we can still make them for you.


Brian at Edison


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