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2015 Limited Edition Collier!

Hi Pen Fans!

We are proud to announce our 2015 Limited Edition Production Line Collier!

See the video and photos below….

This edition will be limited to 150 pieces.

Price is $159.

The material is Black Rose Acrylic, which has been a favorite in our Signature Line as a custom material for a long time, but we’ve never been able to find it in large enough quantities for a series of pens this large until now.

Since this is a Production Line pen, you will not buy this pen directly from Edison.  Instead, you will buy this pen from any of our retailers that we list here.

Email me with any questions!

Brian at Edison


13 replies on “2015 Limited Edition Collier!”

Oh man!! I’ve been on a pen ban since the spring (my last pen was the Spring Goulet + Edison collab) but I’m going to have to come out of it for this! What a gorgeous material, and not one I would look at normally!!

Looks super. Been wanting a Collier for a long time and this was a great opportunity to get a special one. Ordered one from The Writing Desk today with 18k F nib!

I think the Goulets might be sold out of this pen already! Ditto the Andersons! Already owning a couple of Colliers made this one, one I could make easily. I love the look and fit of this model and look forward to the day when I can custom order one. I keep going through the galleries looking at colors and patterns and filling systems and … you get the picture!

Oops! Meant to write: ” … made this one, one ‘decision’ I could make easily.” Clearly there is no way I could make this pen myself!

What get’s me with mine is. This pen does not feel like a “regular” acrylic. It almost feels softer and warmer. I LOVE this pen. Number 93 😀

Hi Fred. Sorry, but this Limited Edition Collier is all sold out! However, you can get our standard Colliers from Scribe Writing Essentials in the Philippines. Thanks!

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